Gaynor is originally from the West Midlands of England and started to learn music at home from an early age. Starting formal violin lessons aged 8, and piano at 13, and, when starting music school at 16, adding flute and vocal training. Music making in her 20's led to her learning saxophone, joining rock, soul and jazz bands for gigging and recording. 


After many years enjoying the local community, amateur and semi-pro music scene, she was encouraged by colleagues in the Birmingham Philharmonic Orchestra and also friends from 'Music4People' to pursue a music degree and further training in jazz.


In 2009 Gaynor moved to Glasgow, Scotland and began the Bachelor of Music programme at Edinburgh Napier University and the Scottish Graduate Diploma in Jazz at St Andrews University (2010). Graduating from Napier with Honours (in performance, flute). In 2013 she took the Master of Music, Composition programme at University of Edinburgh under Professor Peter Nelson, graduating November 2015.


She enjoys the live music scene in Glasgow and Edinburgh, and currently plays for:

Glasgow Studio Orchestra,

Strathclyde University Big Band,

Edinburgh University Composers' Orchestra,

Brass, Aye?

and others, including; Edinburgh Contemporary Music EnsembleThat Swing Sensation

and Dexy's Tribute Runners. A combination of composing, arranging, workshops and

instrumental teaching make up the working week.


Gaynor is a member of the Musician's Union 

Gaynor is delighted to have just been awarded the

Scottish project place for Making Music's 'Adopt a 

Composer' scheme for 2017-2018