Gaynor arranges music for a variety of ensembles, including a flute choir, string quartet, chamber orchestra, big band, street band, brass quartet, wind quintet and many others. 


Most arrangements are entirely acoustic, but some have also included electronics, such as live looping or multi-tracking, or perhaps a live DJ playing within the ensemble.


Her arrangements are often written with the requirements of the specific players of the ensemble in mind, with careful consideration to range, ability level and musical contribution for each musician. All scores and parts are produced to a high quality and are engraved using Sibelius  software.


Arrangements can be in any style to suit a specific program, such as pop, jazz, folk, baroque, ska etc, and can be from a short burst of fanfare to a medley of favourite numbers.  Glasgow Computing Brass group for example really enjoy playing “The Best of Fatboy Slim” and Brass, Aye? Street band love showcasing their Ska vibes on “Ghost Town” by The Specials.


A selection of arrangements:


Arrangements for string quartet


Ronde IX (T Susato)


The Dambuilders March (D C Ridley)


The Wedding (A Ibrahim)  for string qt. and  tenor sax


At Last (H Warren)  for string qt. and mezzo soprano




Arrangements for brass quartet:


Dido's Lament  from Henry Purcell's Dido and Aenaes  


Sometimes I feel like a motherless child   (trad spiritual)  


Fatboybrass (N Clark, Praise You)  


Coventry Carol  (trad carol)   an unsual fusion of Coventy Carol and Dido's Lament- also available for wind 4qt


Embraceable You (G & I Gershwin) 


My  Funny Valentine (R Rogers)


Ronde IX  (T Susato)  


Canon in D (Pachelbel) 



Arrangements for flute choir:


Ashokan Farewell (J Ungar)


African Market (A Ibrahim)


Ronde IX (T Susato)




Arrangements for big band:


Goodbye Yellowbrick Road (E John)


Moomin (G Barradell) coming soon


Sherbet Dab (G Barradell) coming soon



Arrangements for chamber orchestra:


Solveig's Song (E Grieg)

Arrangements for Street Band:

Praise You (N Cook)

Ghostbusters (R Parker Jnr.)

Ghost Town (J Dammers, The Specials)

We are the Popcorn Robots (Popcorn, Kraftwerk)

Hit Me Blockheed medley (Ian Dury and the Blockheads)