Music lessons are enjoyable, challenging, rewarding and an investment. Everyone's learning should be fun and students experience a great sense of achievement when making progress in learning an instrument. It can also help your concentration, memory, even your sense of well-being..  
There are many organisations in and around Glasgow which are suitable for people at different stages in their musical training and, as you progress, you will find opportunities to play in various groups or ensembles. Making music with others is really enjoyable and the feeling that you have personally contributed to a musical performance is tremendous!
                                                                                      playing with Strathcylde University Big Band
'Acoustic Music Practice Service, Glasgow'
is Gaynor's umbrella organisation of music teaching and tutoring provision.
AMPS, Glasgow can provide:
  • Individual instrumental lessons - violin, viola, flute, saxophone
    • lessons are usually given at the studio. (central Glasgow)
    • you can choose to 'major' in a style of music you most prefer, perhaps folk or jazz is more your  thing? This is no barrier to learning your instrument with the correct technique and relevant theory.
    • you can choose to learn to read music. Not being able to read music is not a barrier to learning an instrument. Most people learn to read as they learn to play, it can happen quite naturally.
  • Group instrumental workshops - classical ensemble, folk, jazz, improvisation, or instrumental instruction in upper strings and woodwind.
    • ​venues can be hired in a variety of locations, suitable for the participants, or, for an established ensemble, your own rehearsal space. 
    • if you have a group  of friends to form a one-off, or occasional workshop for extra tutoring or help with new material, perhaps we can help?
  • Music directing for ensembles, instrumental groups, workshops - combinations of any instruments
    • perhaps your established ensemble would like to workshop a new style, or try an improvisation session under guidence, or try a new set of music in a completely new genre to you?
  • Baby Music Groups - visiting service (all equipment provided, including safety flooring)
    • ​regular weekly classes take place in Glasgow (Southside), Tuesdays 10.30 at the Glad Cafe
    • We can bring a session to your venue as a one off event, or by regular arragement. Perhaps you run a nursery or playgroup which would like some music provision?
    • our Baby Music is always acoustic - it's good for small ears to hear natural sounds of real instruments!
    • our Baby Music comes from around the world, in a variety of languages and uses orginal songs too!
  • Music theory tutoring - individual or small group - all levels (including standard /higher grade music prep)
  • Preparation for practical music exams (grades) on the ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal School of Music) classical and Jazz syllabus
  • Original compositions or arrangements by commission for a specific event or ensemble
Teaching Rates (subject to change in 2016):
  • 1 hour individual lesson (beginner to intermediate) £25  (grade 5 and above £29)
  • 30 minutes individual lesson £15
  • children under 12 - less %20
  • group lessons by arrangement - if you are complete beginners, why not learn with a friend or alongside your child? This could give you both encouragement, confidence and extra enjoyment, plus, you could even take ABRSM certified music medal exams together!
People with disabilities are welcome, as is anyone with any individual requirement to assist their learning.
Please note: all students need their own instrument to learn with.  If you need advice as to what will be suitable before you buy, or repairs to an instrument you have, please come along for a free consultation in the first instance.
Gaynor holds current certification including:
  • Disclosure Scotland (PVG)
  • Paediatric First Aid
  • Public Liability insurance
  • Safeguarding of Children awareness
  • ABRSM Music Medal assessor 
  • Membership of Musician's Union
  • Membership of the Scottish Music Centre
  • PRS registration