Gaynor’s original compositions and arrangements are registered with

PRS for music and the Scottish Music Centre.


Please contact the Scottish Music Centre or Gaynor directly if you wish to browse, hire or buy a score and set of parts.


*Please note, some pieces are only available via Pack a Punch Publications or June Emmerson Wind.


A new piece for EDINBURGH CONCERT BAND for 2018

with thanks to the Scottish project for Making Music Adopt a Composer Scheme

Adopt a Composer is run by Making Music in partnership with Sound and Music, in association with BBC Radio 3, and funded by National Lottery through Creative Scotland and the Philip and Dorothy Green Music Trust.

For performance in June 2018

Music for the commemorations of the BATTLE OF LANGSIDE 450 PROJECT

For performance in May 2018

Piecework - a suite for West Kilbride Village Band   a suite of 4 pieces for the band, celebrating their first five years together                                                   as music makers. Commemorating the agricultural and industrial history of the village and                                                               celebrating their ongoing creativity and strong sense of community. 

                                                  Premiere performance in May 2018.

Comprising of:

    * (I) The Glen

    * (ii) The Tattiebogle Blues

    * (iii) The Weaver's Dream

    * (iv) An Anthem for West Kilbride



Mixing with Kenneth Grange     a suite of 6 ensemble pieces celebrating the iconic designs of Sir Kenneth Grange                                                                                      

Pieces can be purchased or performed individually, comprising of; 

  • (i) Be Seated -            A Rock-Gospel style piece, for soprano saxophone, string quartet, electric guitar and    bass,                                                    drum set, tambourine and Hammond organ

  • (ii) Stitch in Time -      Perpetuum mobile. For string ensemble and harpsichord

  • (iii) 360 Degrees -       An algorithmic piece for theremin, electric guitar and percussion ensemble    

  • (iv) Sherbet Dab -      Township ska meets dubstep - for Trumpets, Trombones, Guitar, Bass, Drum Kit and                                                                  Record Decks.

  • (v) The Bantam Box- For recorders, flutes, cor anglais, horn, string ensemble and percussion.. A Pastorale and a                                                      passionate habanera..

  • (vi) Guacamole! -       For Soprano vocalist, bass clarinet, string ensemble and percussion. Featuring latin                                                                    grooves and a 'character part' for soprano.


1071 Fifth Avenue            duo for alto sax and piano*

                                           a celebration of Frank Lloyd Wright's iconic New York Guggenheim Museum building,                                                                      featuring a graceful gymnopedie and a crunchy 5/8 blues.


1071 Fifth Avenue            arranged for flute and piano


Lamentation 19.9.14       for string quintet (either 2 x viola or 2 x ‘cellos)  . A contemporary Scottish lament written                                                                  as a response to the result of the Scottish independence referendum on 18 September                                                                    2014.


Lamentation 19.9.14       arrangement for simple piano


Lamentation 19.9.14       arrangement for simple violin and ‘cello


Murmuration                   for full orchestra and piano


Moomin                             for chamber orchestra


Moomin                             arrangement for concert band (coming soon)*


The Newhaven Set          a contemporary traditional Scottish ‘set’ of dances for small orchestral ensemble

                                            Pieces can be purchased or performed individually.

                                            Comprises of  (i)   Bow-Tows' Welcome to Newhaven  (Strathspey),

                                                                      (ii)   Creel Reel                                                                                          

                                                                      (iii)  Betty and Joan's Banter  (Jig)


The Newhaven Set          arrangement of each dance for string quartet, oboe, bassoon and percussion


The Newhaven Set          arrangement of complete set for string ensemble, woodwind and percussion with                                                                            optional additional community player/school parts, and classroom project resources                                                                                      

Mai '68                              for clarinet, violin and prepared piano. Inspired by Joan Miro's painting of the same name,                                                                 it is a response to the Parisian student riots and French political situation of May 1968. 


Spyhole                               a contemporary ensemble piece for  flute, bass clarinet, cello, percussion, loop sampler,                                                                 transistor radio, mobile phone.


Peephole                            a through-improvised  piece expressing the composer's response to the sculpture of                                                                        the same name by Tim Stead (1952-2000).  for any solo line instrument.


P.I.N. Life                             for string quartet.. An algorithmic piece created using 'PIN numbers'.


The Turk (Automaton)    for string quartet, their mobile phones and 'controller', and audience.  A hoax.  

                                           The audience 'control' the  progression of each player through their part by sending                                                                           instructions to their phone.


Czardas @ 45                   for string quartet.  A semi-traditional czardas.



Original songs for babies:


Hey pey pey!




Silly  Shakes


Look at all the little ducks


The Weaning Song


Alexander went to the Shops


The Teddy Bear Blues


Have a Happy Birthday!

Here's a little Blackbird

The Teddy Bear Shout-Out

Here's my little teddy bear

Original tunes for Street Band:

Show me the Money (baby) vocal version

Show me the Money (baby) instrumental version

We are the Popcorn Robots